Ex wife has new husband and two new babies. We had 4 children together and our children are not a priority for her. The two oldest are girls and have lived with me full time for about 3 years. The oldest is in college, has a job, and is doing quite well. The second daughter is in HS and thinks I’m the devil. Absolutely everything that goes bad in her life is blamed on me. Teenage girls are hard enough to raise, but when one parent has nothing to do with the child it’s nearly impossible for the one that stays. In my mind I say she’s lashing out at me because she can’t at her mom, I just hope that eventually she’ll see what I’ve tried to do for her. The boys are heading down the same path of being ignored. It’s gotten progressively worse for them. They are 9 & 13 and need to know they are loved. I probably do too much with them to make up for what they lack from their mom. The last month has been the same story week after week, when I ask about her picking the boys up on her days she doesn’t take them. Always with her signature ending when asking me to keep them… ‘that would be great’ I run my own business seven days a week, but sacrifice any personal time to be there for my children. Basically, I have no social life and haven’t been out in years. However, that’s what your supposed to do for you kids. When my kids are all in HS I should be able to work on myself and start thinking about dating again.

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