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The Jackson family is one of the most well-known families in the world. We first met them in 1964 when they formed The Jackson 5. The members of the group consisted of Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael, and they were the first all-black music group to make it big. The star of the group was little Michael Jackson, who later left the band to start a very successful solo career. The group’s little sister Janet also made a huge splash in the music business with her own successful pop career. With all this success, you would think that the Jacksons were one big happy family. That isn’t the case. We’re not talking about typical family dysfunction either. The Jackson family is one of the most turbulent and dysfunctional families in Hollywood. After Michael’s death, some people wondered if maybe the turbulence would eventually calm down. But instead, it got much worse.

In this video are ten dark secrets the Jackson family doesn’t want you to know. While the spotlight has been shining on the Jacksons for several decades, there is a new target in town. That target is the children of Michael Jackson. While he was alive, Michael kept the kids guarded and protected at Neverland Ranch so that no one would be able to tarnish or hurt them. However, after Michael’s death, and Prince and Paris turning into adults, there was no way to protect them anymore because they are adults. Blanket is now a teenager navigating through life, so time will only tell what the world has in store for him.

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